DRM's form design and development provides a variety of services related to electronic forms. From simple form design and capture to intricate workflows for forms to complete business processes. We can help your office become paperless.

Paper-based forms are expensive and difficult to distribute, manage and file. Our Electronic Forms, or E-Forms, also referred to as online forms or digital forms, automates these records' creation and management, giving you all the flexibility and control you need to handle your documents.

Electronic forms give organizations the ability to gather and organize data efficiently and streamline their administrative processes.  With third-party programs now allowing users to save completed forms, it is now trulypossible to eliminate the need for printed forms.

Whether you already have a PDF form, a Word file or are starting from paper, our forms development services save time and allow you to take advantage of all of the great features available in electronic and interactive forms.

Electronic Forms Services Capabilities:

*Build and maintain e-form library

*Templates can be created using PDF, Microsoft Word, HTML Code, XML Code

Electronic Forms Design

*Automatically merges pre-captured file-specific data into created form

*Can automatically be launched through a workflow step

*Can integrate with a website, serving as a seamless online form

Benefits of Electronic Forms Services:

*Eliminates data entry time and costs

*Improves data accuracy

*Automates forms processing

*Provides immediate disaster recovery/prevention

*Applies real-time form changes and updates

*Eliminates time and costs of paper-copy document management

*Provides better compliance with turn-around needs, internal requirements and legal/regulatory mandates

Example Form - SAP Appeal Form